Our First Service App
Packers & Movers App

This app allows users to create their own marketplace where the sellers (Service Providers) can sell a wide range of items. It provides a platform for users to showcase their products and connect with potential buyers (Service Seekers) who can purchase items directly through the app.

Try this sample app or contact us for demonstration.

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One App for All

Service Providers

Service providers can create a detailed profile with menu management, pricing, and service availability. They can easily add and edit items and manage orders with order status updates to streamline the operations and improve the customer experience.

Service Seekers

Service seekers can search for service providers by provider name and items. Service seekers can place orders, view order status, and pay for orders as well. Additionally, pre-order feature enables service seekers to order items in advance, making it ideal for parties and bulk orders.


Facilitators can view and manage service providers and other facilitators accounts. Facilitators can also edit and approve products that are pending for approval, with the option to modify them if necessary before approval to ensure a reliable and trustworthy platform.


Admin can manage user accounts by approving or disabling them. Admins can also check the order status based on location. Additionally, admins can manage service providers' products, helping to maintain a high-quality and relevant selection of items for service seekers.


App Features

Mobile Push Notifications

Stay informed with instant notifications sent directly to your customer's device, alerting them of important updates and events.

Place Order

Easily browse and purchase products through the intuitive ordering system, with options for online payments or delivery.

Item Approval

You can carefully review all new products added to the app to ensure they meet the standards of quality and relevance.

User Approval

The registration process requires approval to maintain a secure and trustworthy community of users.

Add Items

The authorized users can easily add new products to the app, including images, pricing, descriptions, and more.

Shopping Cart

Keep track of the purchases as you browse, with the ability to add items to the cart and checkout when you're ready.


Users can create an account to personalize the experience and gain access to all the app's features.

Switch Roles

This app offers different roles with varying levels of access, so you can switch between customer, provider and facilitator roles as needed.

Manage Order

Keep track of all your orders in one place, with options to track shipping, cancel orders, and provide feedback. Thank