Creating Shared Value

Calibyte’s approach to cater to its users inspired by creating shared value concept

Looking for a Software Development Company that isn’t just at the forefront of technology but also appreciative towards user and societal needs?

Well, congratulations, you are at the right place!

Calibyte’s objective is to align the interests of the creators, customers and society with the transformative development of the technical world.

The business world has a concept that aims to redefine capitalism by identifying the links between societal and economic progress and by emphasizing the competitiveness and expansion of the firm as well as the growth and advancement of the society or community it operates in.

In essence, it is a strategy used by business entities to foster a prosperous community by generating demand for their goods while also supplying essential public resources and a positive atmosphere.

We, at Calibyte aim to follow the same concept i.e., the concept of Creating Shared Value. According to the article by Professor Michael Porter [1], the guru of Business Strategy in Harvard Business Review, there are three ways that companies can create shared value opportunities:

  • By reconceiving products and markets (developing products that meet societal needs).
  • By redefining productivity in the value chain (improvements in the quality, cost and reliability of products and distribution).
  • By enabling local cluster development (geographic concentration of supply and demand).

Our approach

We are working in a way that provides synergy to the entire concept of Creating Shared Value and work towards our objective of encouraging the transformation of digital education (teaching and learning) whilst also supporting the digitalization of small and large teaching institutions.

Calibyte aims to approach the concept by following a value-based business model [2] defined by the Professors at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, which focuses on Value Conception which refers to creating an idea or input that is deemed desirable by the users, Value Delivery meaning providing products that are accepted by the customers and Value Capture is the method of retaining the profits and customer loyalty.

We started initially by working on an idea to provide digital education to students and teachers who may not possess the necessary technical workforce to operate high end digital learning platforms and created a platform with an easy-to-use interface, in order to harness the potential of each and every student, teacher or an institute by providing a unique learning management solution with C3 (Customer and Creator Centricity) at its core, without the need of a dedicated IT workforce.

Following the concept of Creating Shared Value, we have created and launched our product eStudium, through which we keep the needs of the customers (learner) and creators (tutors) in mind and strive to bring change in the educational infrastructure of the local cluster by empowering the society, particularly those associated with learning to embrace the change and not stay behind in the race of development and transformation just due to the lack or non-availability of appropriate resources.

Calibyte was founded in Kurukshetra in August 2021 in order to cater to the vast array of educational institutions that operate locally so as to ensure that the local population doesn’t have to invest their hard-earned time and money to move to metropolitan cities in search of reliable learning management solutions.

We are here to provide you the best possible solutions to all your digital problems and challenges, as we are driven by our vision, “equal learning opportunity for all by transforming the teaching and learning of today and tomorrow.”


[1] Porter, M.E., and Kramer, M. R. "Creating Shared Value." Harvard Business Review 89, nos. 1-2 (January–February 2011): 62–77.

[2] Lange, K., Dalsace, F., and Bonnet, D. (2021, Jan 29) Leading customer-centric strategies – putting the customer at the heart of your business. YouTube link