About Us

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Founded in August 2021 in Kurukshetra, India

Calibyte Private Limited is founded by engineers trained in India and Germany, who are driven by passion to make a difference around the world.

Our Vision

Equal learning opportunity for all by transforming the teaching and learning of today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

To empower the digital transformation of teaching and learning with high quality immersive learning solutions and methodological frameworks.

Our value propositions:

Development of digital products in partnerships with start-ups and scale-ups.

Training program on software engineering for university under-graduates.


Inspired By DevOps Culture

Devops logo
Devops flow diagram

DevOps is a culture of

1. Flow (of incremental delivery) 2. Feedback (from stakeholders) 3. Continuous improvement

Success Factors

Solid and coherent information technology infrastructure in place

Mindset that we don't just develop but integrate, deploy, release and improve continuously

How Calibyte Works

Calibyte is specialized in state-of-the-art development processes and tools.

Members of the board contribute their deep management and design knowledge.

Calibyte employs agile way of working, which encapsulates short iterations and feedback loops with our customers, to develop a product what customers really need.

Calibyte understands the data privacy needs of our customers, and Secure by design is anchored into our development processes.

Meet the team

Our Team

We offer opportunities for talented engineering and science graduates to work on stat-of-the-art web technologies in Kurukshetra (Haryana) and nearby cities. So far, we focused on organic growth locally with a global mindset, and we have the whole framework in place for scaling.


Co-founder and Director


Business Developer


Senior Software Engineer


UI/UX Designer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


HR - Intern


Software Engineer


Office Staff