Customer and Creator Centricity

Introducing C3: Customer and Creator Centricity

The use of digital technologies in the education sector has been accelerated by COVID-19. This sector still has a long way to go. Digital still has to reach all strata of society, but digital would certainly be a mean to bring equality in education.

Driven by our vision “equal learning opportunity for all by transforming the teaching and learning of today and tomorrow”, at Calibyte Private Limited we are working day and night to launch our new product #eStudium, which is focused also on the post-COVID era, where digital will be part of immersive learning also in the physical environment.

#eStudium is centered around the customers (e.g. students, for whom the content and value is created), as well as the creators (e.g. teachers, who are creating the value for students). In the era, when customer centricity is seen to be of prime importance, we would like to expand the notion also to creator centricity. In our opinion, there is a huge need to bring both sides together in order to co-create the value. Therefore, we would like to introduce the new term C3: Customer and Creator Centricity.

Stay tuned on our upcoming product #eStudium, which embraces the concept of C3.